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Roland Garros semi-final: Djokovic – Nadal, live

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Rafa Nadal at Roland Garros

The reign of Rafa Nadal on clay it resists the attacks of many rivals, but none as insistent as that of the Serbian Novak Djokovic, his rival this Friday in the semifinals of Roland Garros in chapter 58 of the most repeated duel in the history of tennis.

For the moment, the Spaniard has managed to maintain the square against the attacks of the Serbian, who one more year seeks to dethrone him in his empire, in the place of his greatest glory, a bombshell in the world of tennis that would place him in his fifth final on French clay, where he has only lifted one title.

Nadal tries to keep the castle safe, preserve his everlasting dominion, celebrated and hated, brilliant and dreary, in search of its fourteenth final, the penultimate step towards his 21st Grand Slam that would place him, alone, at the top of men’s tennis, rid of the tie with the Swiss Roger Federer.

The machinery seems launched and the Spaniard has been regulating all the elements to reach Roland Garros in his moment of ecstasy. “We come from less to more, the progression of Monte Carlo here has been very good,” says his coach, Carlos Moyá, who culminated in the final stretch of the quarterfinal match against Diego Schwartzman.


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