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Real Madrid: sweaty Thomas Meunier against Florentino Pérez

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Thomas Meunier had a bad time with the president of Real Madrid in the corridors of the Parc des Princes in November 2019.

The passage ofEden Hazard at Real Madrid is currently a failure. The Belgian international, bothered by injuries, can not follow. Transferred in the summer of 2019 for a sum of around 150 ME according to some rumors, the former Chelsea player was quickly injured. He was then back in good shape. But while he seemed to be gaining strength, Eden Hazard injured his ankle after contact with his compatriot, Thomas Meunier, during PSG-Real Madrid on November 26, 2019. A disappointment that will take him away from the field for two months. For some Madrid supporters, but also Florentino Pérez, this contact is the cause of his chain of injuries. The president of Real Madrid is angry with Thomas Meunier. He let him know at the end of the match in the corridors of the Parc des Princes. The Borussia Dortmund player recounts it in a documentary about him on RTBF Sport.

“It was in a duel. I set foot, he sets foot. His ankle remains blocked. It is an insignificant contact between a defender and an attacking player. And I remember … That’s a nice anecdote. After the game, I’m in the hall. And I see Florentino Pérez (the boss of Real Madrid). I shake Pérez’s hand, I say: “Nice to meet you.” And there, he speaks to me in French and I did not know that he spoke French. He said to me: “Nice to meet you? Do you realize that you hurt Eden Hazard? And you say to me delighted?” And there, I cracked. I got a little carried away on him. I say: “I hurt Eden Hazard? So it’s my fault if he hurt himself there?” He said, “Yes, yes, it’s your fault!” I say, “It’s a duel like any other.” Finally, it’s football, it’s a duel like any other. I didn’t expect him to speak French already, I didn’t know. And he’s still the president of Madrid, you know? And there you say: “Wow! This is not bad, eh.” “, remembered Thomas Meunier. Florentino Pérez is tough in business and therefore holds a grudge. Be reassured, Eden Hazard has the opportunity to regain confidence with Belgium during the Euro. The Red Devils face Russia on Saturday for their entry into the competition.

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