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This Thursday will start, after postponements due to covid, controversies and ‘buts’, a new qualifying date towards the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Of the five games to be played between the South American teams, four will take place this Thursday. The fifth, Brazil vs. Ecuador, It will be played on Friday.

Peru vs. Colombia

This date promises. The Colombian National Team will ‘debut’ with a coach after the rugged results of the last knockout date (3-0 defeat against Uruguay and 6-1 against Ecuador).

Reinaldo Rueda He surprised with some names on the payroll, however, what attracted the most attention was the departure of James Rodríguez from the call.

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The Colombian ’10’ will be out during this date and, if there is no news, the Copa América will also be lost.

It is worth saying that this game will close the day on Thursday. What are the other meetings of the day? Schedule yourself.

Hour: 09: 00 p. m.

Canal: channel ‘Caracol’.

James Rodríguez and Reinaldo Rueda.


Rodrigo Buendia. AFP and Courtesy FCF

Bolivia vs. Venezuela

The match between Bolivians and Venezuelans will be played at the Hernando Siles Olympic Stadium.

The two teams arrive urgently to score points: Bolivia is the bottom of the elimination table while Venezuela ranks eighth.

Hour: 03: 00 p. m.

Canal: channel ‘Caracol’.

Bolivian Selection

Uruguay vs. Paraguay

The ‘charrúa’ claw will be measured against the resistance of the ‘guaraníes’.

Uruguay had a brilliant last date after thrashing Colombia; Paraguay is not far behind and little by little adds favorable results. In the table they occupy, respectively, the fifth and the fourth position.

Hour: 05:00 p. m.

Canal: channel ‘Caracol’.

Colombia vs.  Uruguay

Uruguayan Cavani scored a goal for Colombia.

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Argentina vs. chili

The classic of the southern cone. Messi and company against ‘La Roja’ by Arturo Vidal and Alexis Sánchez.

The Argentine team occupies second place in the qualifying table, however, it cannot lower its guard because the difference with its pursuers is minimal and ‘what remains is the way’. Chile, in the sixth position, needs to settle to enter the boxes of the classifieds.

A match that promises intensity.

Hour: 07: 00 p. m.

Canal: channel ‘Caracol’.

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi during a knockout match.

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