Pierre-Hugues Herbert (winner of the men’s doubles at Roland Garros): “We knew how to be one” with Nicolas Mahut

What have you learned from this fortnight?
: We still learned things about us during these two weeks. It was very rich in lessons. Lately, we haven’t been able to beat strong teams, we have asked ourselves questions. We arrived here with a little doubt, every game was a test and every game, we responded in an incredible way. We looked each other in the eye. There was something very strong in our eyes. It will give us confidence. I imagine that it will do us good for the future but before talking about the future, you also have to know how to savor things at my age (39 years old). Maybe more than in the past. Usually when we won, I immediately planned on what happened next. There I want to be able to savor this title and enjoy.



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