Outfits for baseball lovers that will be a trend and will dominate the street style!

2. Cool sneakers

A basic if you want to support your team baseball from home is to join the trend and use some tennis very cool. If your sneakers they are white you can customize them with the logos of your favorite team, the initials or the name of your favorite player, steal all the bases getting outfits winners from head to toe.

Just as some teams have four different uniform combinations, you can join the trend of athleisure and combine your sneakers with the color of your jersey to get the perfect combo: reds like the Boston Red Sox, greens for Oakland Atlethics, or (if you’re too daring) orange like the Houston Astros – anything’s possible!

3. Cap: the accessory that baseball lovers should not miss in their outftis

Who said that hats are they only for men? They are a basic if you are at home with a “bad hair day” or you wear your hair down on a sunny day, as they are an accessory that can become a girl’s best ally! And they are also a great! trend thanks to the boom of the proposal athleisure!

4. Denim, denim, denim: the best ally of street style

One of the key pieces that will never fail in your baseball inspired outftis It’s your favorite jeans or a jean jacket. A game changer? Add your favorite team’s logo with an embroidery, print or pin and you’re ready to score a run.



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