Nicolas-Gatineau’s best Phoenix basketball players will compete in the United States

That so many Gatineau basketball players have been selected from among the best high school prospects in Quebec to join this high-level team is impressive in itself. It is no coincidence that they are all from the same high school, according to Jean-Charles Daoust, coordinator of the Nicolas-Gatineau Phoenix basketball program.

It is a recognition of the maturity of the program and the seriousness that we have taken to have good speakers over the past three to five years. We tried to put a more rigorous structure around the athletes and we have to believe that it has paid off, he notes.

When Chris Boucher decided to join this initiative, his goal was to show the basketball world that there is no shortage of talented players in Quebec.

That his name is the logo of the team, it is a certain pressure, because we must not screw up his name and it is a pride of [le] porter, believes Alexis Laforest, one of the selected players.

CB Elite aspires to be the best summer basketball program in Quebec.

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From July 7 to 22, teams from the different age groups of the CB Elite will head to the United States to play a tournament in Atlanta and another in Orlando.

Of course it’s really exciting, because it’s still a really good team. We will be able to travel this summer, so it’s a great opportunity to be able to form this team and live a new experience., rejoices Isaac Pierre-Louis, proud representative of the Phoenix.

Among our neighbors to the south, the Gatineau residents will be faced with a level of play that promises to be very high and above all, opponents who have been able to train in less restrictive conditions over the past year.

They are good players in the United States, for sure, but I think we will be able to manage if we work hard., evaluates for his part Ludovic Tournier.

The task is going to be very difficult, but we are training to win games, adds Alexis Laforest.

In anticipation of the summer tournaments, training with the rest of their team takes place in Montreal. It takes a lot of time for the players and their families, but it helps to solidify their bond.

We have a practice on Saturday and one on Sunday, so every weekend we go to Montreal. We sleep at the hotel on Saturday night, so parents certainly play a big role in that., recognizes Nickolas Daoust, who was already part of the CB Elite last year.

When they take the plane to compete in their tournaments, these young people will have a brief taste of Chris Boucher’s professional life. Who knows? Maybe one of them will wear the Toronto Raptors uniform someday too.

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