Mockingly, LeBron gives his opinion on the Mayweather vs Logan Paul fight!

LeBron James is a huge sports fan, so it was quite naturally that he turned his attention to the combat Logan Paul / Floyd Mayweather this Sunday. He even commented on social networks with a particularly mocking tone!

Like many curious, LeBron James spent part of his Sunday evening in front of his TV to observe the fight event between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul… A fight a priori unbalanced but which finally had its lot of twists, Logan pulling off even a small feat !

As usual, the King’s phone was not far from him so he allowed himself to comment during the fight. And more than all the hype, more than the combativeness of Logan Paul, more than the dodges of Floyd Mayweather, LeBron retained only one thing: the impressive size difference between the two stars of the day! He made a reference that the older ones will have quickly.

Brother, it looks like the video game Mike Tyson PunchOut !

Anyone who has ever owned a Nintendo NES will have understood what LeBron James is talking about… In this game Mike Tyson is the final boss, and he stands out for his XXL build! The difference with reality is that Logan Paul, the taller and more muscular of the two fighters, did not send his opponent to the mat this Sunday …

LeBron James must have had a good Sunday night between the playoffs and the fight… Even if he would probably have preferred to be on the floor!


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