in Bastille, the return of collective emotions with the victory of the Blues – Liberation

Euro de football 2020 (and 2021)dossier

The crowd was numerous in the Parisian bars on Tuesday evening to encourage the French football team, victorious over Germany for its entry into the Euro. But she had to resolve to return home after 11 p.m., faced with a large police presence, especially at the Invalides.

It is 9:20 p.m., in front of the bar Le Bastille, in the heart of the 11th arrondissement of Paris. The square is misty, invaded by red and blue smoke. Firecrackers mingle with the cries of joy from supporters celebrating the home goal of German defender Mats Hummels, which allows France to open the scoring in its first meeting of Euro 2021. On the four television screens planned for the occasion, the players of Didier Deschamps embrace. In front of the bar, where a hundred customers began to arrive at the end of the afternoon, the reactions are lively, even uncontrolled. A few tables fall to the floor after too much braces, glasses are broken.

“The phone has not stopped ringing in recent days. People all wanted to get indoor seats for tonight’s game ”, rewinds a waitress. The failures, arrived too late, try their luck in other neighborhood bars. Without much success: access is denied them almost systematically. And the response is often the same from the staff, who slalom between customers, tricolor mask on the nose and tattoos on the cheeks: “You had to book in advance Clever kids take advantage of the heckling to hide inside the establishment to take over the reserved tables. Wasted effort.

Kisses and masks under the chin

The match continues, the men of Didier Deschamps still in charge of the game. At the sight of the screens, passers-by stop for a few moments to try to capture snippets of the meeting. Bike delivery men also take advantage of a moment’s respite, between two orders, to lean against the walls of the metro station in front of the bar and capture a few actions. The security guards kindly ask them to go their way. Half-time whistles the end of the match for a handful of supporters too tipsy and summoned to leave the bar.

The game resumes, the voices are already broken. The return of matches in bars, “It’s like redoing your first time, it’s crazy”, launches a student, who remembers moved the 2018 World Cup and the collective emotions of the time. Health rules are sometimes left in the background. Some smack the wind, the mask slips under the chin when songs are launched to the glory of Karim Benzema. Immediately, the servers pass through the ranks to try to enforce social distancing measures.

A caterpillar that disappears into the night

The crowd continues to tremble with each German offensive. At the end of additional time, five minutes from the start of the 23:00 curfew, the referee finally released the audience. In the process, the waiters invite the customers to leave the premises quickly. A caterpillar is broken up near the establishment, before quickly dissipating in the Parisian night. Rumors of evenings pass from table to table and attract the attention of the students, who make up a good part of the evening clientele. “Some have planned to celebrate the victory after, in an apartment”, says Morgan, head of the sports office at his business school. A few meters further, high school students have another idea in mind. “We are thinking of going for a walk around Les Invalides”, slips Titouan.

Wasted effort. An important police device is firmly awaiting the rare adventurers who have decided to join the esplanade, where several wild parties have taken place in recent days. “There is nothing at all, I am disgusted”, breath Maxime, jersey of the France team on the shoulders, who turns back without delay. For slightly prolonged emotions, it will be necessary to wait for the lifting of the curfew on June 30. Hoping that the Blues of Mbappé and others will still be in contention …



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