The first international match after the interruption of activities due to the corona wreck will be a development that suffers from the inferior opponent. Nevertheless, the 10th-ranked Japan Women’s National Team defeated the 48th-ranked Portugal national team 69-47.

Japan has been sluggish since the start, and after finishing the first half, it barely leads by 1 point with 26-25. After the third quarter, it was 40-40, and it was a development that could be won by either side.

The outside angle shot of Naho Miyoshi (Toyota Motor), who participated on the way, drew the flow toward the end. In the early part of the final quarter, he scored the first goal of this game by scoring a three-pointer in the reverse direction. After that, he succeeded in shooting from the outside angle in quick succession. He scored a maximum of 14 points for the team, scoring four 3-point shots in the final Q alone, and brought victory to the team. After the match, he said, “I will continue to hit my job. If I have a chance, I will try to hit it.”

Ramu Tokashiki of Ace abandoned participation in the Tokyo Olympics due to a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of his right knee. Director Tom Hovasse said, “I have a lot of things I want to try,” in preparation for the actual performance in the absence of the main pillar.