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Aida Freitas signed a report without reading it, and may incur a crime of false statements

The court decided to extract a certificate to investigate Aida Freitas, an inspector of the Judiciary Police who may be held liable for the crimes of falsifying documents and false declarations. This is due to the fact that Aida Freitas signed without reading the External Diligence Report of the surveillance operation against Nélio Lucas and Pedro Henriques with the defendant Aníbal Pinto – accused of, in co-authorship with Rui Pinto, having tried to extort Doyen – , in the service area of ​​the A5, in Oeiras, on October 22, 2015. The witness assumed that “if he had read it, he would not have signed”.

The inspector was inside this space accompanied by inspector Hugo Monteiro and guaranteed that she had not heard anything about the conversation between the former CEO of Doyen and Rui Pinto’s lawyer, which does not correspond with what her colleague witnessed.


Hugo Monteiro revealed that he heard Nélio Lucas and Pedro Henriques questioning Aníbal Pinto about the “legality” of the agreement that required the fund to pay between 500,000 and one million euros for the hacker to stop disclosing documents related to this on the Football Leaks website. company.

The inspector also mentioned that he heard the trio talking about a hard drive. Monteiro had been instructed to make a “detention in flagrante delicto if any object was handed over”. Finally, he revealed that, due to “some expressions” he was left with the perception that Aníbal Pinto “could have some ascendant” over Rui Pinto. *

By Pedro Filipe Pinto


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