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“Come on Argentine, let’s go.” Still seems to reverberate in the stadium of the Las Morochas neighborhood the voice of the Gallego García, just as the referee entered the center circle to make the opening jump of the match. He will be missed a lot.

While he gave him the physical, he was a regular collaborator of the Almirante Brown street entity. For whatever he needed the club was available. In fact made countless trips to Ezeiza to bring foreign players to Junín that the club hired.
The day before yesterday, Fernando Luis Garcia, the Galician, left us forever.

What better memory to describe it than that of her own daughter, Luz García Franco, who posted on social media: “Stubborn and stubborn like no other, he always knew how to indulge himself and was never in the mood for anything, he worked until the last few days of his life selling parts which was what he loved.
Amadeo didn’t get to know him, Amparo did, but I don’t think he remembers him, I’m going to tell him about the grandfather he had, who went out of his way to see her play, telling me so many times “How beautiful Lucecita, how beautiful she is, she is just like me”… and he was right !!!
This father-daughter relationship that we had … Sometimes difficult, but sometimes beautiful! The gleam in his eyes when he looked at us was impossible to explain.
This pandemic farewell meant that the last few times we greeted each other with a cold fist bump, which we did not deserve. Here we are going to miss you, but surely Grandma Luisina there received you with the most beautiful hug that can be given.
Goodbye daddy, goodbye grandfather Fernando Luis García. “


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