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SHAFTS – Repsol Honda racer, Marc Marquez, suffered a serious accident during the free practice session of the 2021 Dutch MotoGP at the Assen Circuit, Friday, June 25, 2021. However, The Baby Alien – Marquez’s nickname – did not give up.

Marquez performed quite well on the first day of the 2021 Dutch MotoGP, Friday 25 June 2021. In free practice session 1, the Spaniard took ninth position with a time of 1 minute 34.048 seconds.

Marquez wants to improve his time record in free practice session 2 so that he can appear in qualifying 2 (Q2). However, the 28-year-old racer actually received bad luck.

If free practice session 1 takes place in sunny weather, free practice session 2 is raining. This increases the risk of falling for all racers.

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An unpleasant incident also happened to Marquez at Turn 10. The Spaniard bounced off his motorbike before falling onto the asphalt quite hard, then dragged into the gravel of Turn 11.

Judging by the height of Marquez’s body, many people are worried about The Baby Alien who is still having problems with his right arm and shoulder. Even so, Marquez is fine so he can return to the Honda garage. Marquez even got fourth position with a time of 1 minute 33,560.

Marquez is grateful to have escaped the accident without any injuries. The owner of eight world titles is ready to go again at the Assen Circuit.

“First of all, lucky to have escaped the accident in a good way. Of course, I could feel that I had a big accident,” said Marquez Crash, Saturday (26/6/2021).

Marc Marquez (Photo: MotoGP)

“I had some pain in my knee, some pain in my leg, some pain in my elbow. However, all is well to continue the same form for the rest of the weekend.”

Meanwhile, Marquez brings good provisions to the 2021 Dutch MotoGP. He has just won the 2021 German MotoGP race at the Sachsenring Circuit, Sunday 20 June 2021.

Marquez is also trying to get positive results again in the 2021 Dutch MotoGP race. The ninth series race will take place at the Assen Circuit, Sunday 27 June 2021, evening WIB.



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