Denmark’s official statement regarding Christian Eriksen’s condition Kondisi – The Danish national team released an official statement after Christian Eriksen collapsed in the Denmark vs Finland match.

Denmark stated that Eriksen is now conscious and undergoing treatment at the Righospitalet Hospital.

“Christian Eriksen is awake and undergoing further checks at the Rigshospitalet,” the Danish national team said in a statement.

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Eriksen’s conscious condition has also been confirmed by the player’s agent, Martin Schoots.

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In his question on NPO Radio, Schoots claimed that the Inter Milan midfielder could speak.

“Christian Eriksen is breathing and can talk. He is awake,” said Schoots, as quoted by Twitter Fabrzio Romano.

Previously, Christian Eriksen suddenly collapsed in the middle of the opening match of Group B Euro 2020, Denmark vs Finland, at Parken Stadium, Saturday (13/6/2021) night WIB.

The incident occurred at the end of the first half, precisely when Eriksen was about to receive a throw-in from his partner.

Seeing Eriksen unconscious, the Danish and Finnish players immediately asked the medical team to enter the field and provide first aid.

While medics were providing treatment, the Danish players stood in a shield around Eriksen.

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Referee Anthony Taylor finally stopped the match. At that time the position was still a goalless draw, aka 0-0.

UEFA has also confirmed that the Denmark vs Finland match has been postponed due to an emergency.

However, UEFA finally confirmed that the match would restart at 20.30 CET or on Sunday (13/6/2021) at 01.30 WIB after all players were confirmed that Eriksen was in good health.



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