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Criticized by a former, Devin Booker … does not care about him!

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Devin Booker was catapulted to superstar rank during his splendid playoff campaign. But with that status comes some responsibility, and a former champion has openly regretted DBook’s behavior lately. Obviously, the main interestedhe does not care!

In the space of a season, Devin Booker went from being a great player on a bad team to co-leading a favorite for the title! A turnaround that few people could have predicted a year ago. Obviously the contribution of Chris Paul is not negligible, but the young back also has a large part of the responsibility for the success of his team.

Because during the first round against the Lakers, it was he who had to carry everyone on his back to compensate for the injury of his All-Star leader… It was also he who had to catch fire during Game 6 to ensure qualification in the semifinals! And in the face of the Nuggets, DBook has been the No. 1 sweep artisan… or so.

Indeed, a legend was created in the stands during the series. Attacked by two Denver supporters, Nick McKellar defended himself with his fists before shouting “Suns in 4”, a phrase so legendary that Devin Booker promised to give him an autographed jersey and places for the conference final! A viral initiative which does not please at all to the former champion Richard Jefferson… The two explained themselves on Instagram.

Richard Jefferson : I have a feeling that maybe this will set a bad example …

Devin Booker : Oooooh

Devin Booker doesn’t give a damn about his reaction to the fan’s viral video. Nick McKellar defended himself after being attacked loosely, expressed his love for his franchise at the same time, enough to secure some valuable spots for the Suns’ upcoming games according to DBook!

Richard Jefferson undoubtedly has a lot of trouble with violence in general, which explains his reluctance to face the video that has shaken the NBA microcosm in recent days. But if Adam Silver does not consider an intervention necessary, the 2016 champion will not be able to do anything about it, Mr. “Suns in 4” will be well in the stands.

Devin Booker refuses to do in the well-thinkthis on this subject, no offense to Richard Jefferson. The Suns will need all of their fans to reach the Finals, including Mr. “Suns in 4”.

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