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Reinaldo Rueda, technician of the Colombia selection, He spoke at a press conference about the game against Peru and what he has been able to advance in the idea he wants with the team.

Will it have changes? “We are going to do our last training session and it is the work that we have been doing since yesterday, analyzing the characteristics of the game and what the players have.”

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Does the position in the table matter to you?
“Everything will go through that last game, not only ours but those of the other groups. Everything is assumptions, conjectures, and when it comes to a tournament of this magnitude, with all the opponents so respected, you have to be prepared and very willing to face each game with the same responsibility ”.

“Colombia has a style and a special DNA that the players feel, the matches come out differently because of the rivals, because of the strategy sometimes from us and sometimes from the rival.”

Will it keep rotating? “I think there is always the possibility, it is one of the situations that we are working on. These tournaments give the opportunity to have that alternation of players, in some situations let the players recover, make them rest and by multiple factors gives the possibility of making a variation ”.

The time of working with the team. “It is very difficult to qualify that quantitative part of training units and games, since what was carried out on the qualifying dates were few training units with the full team, due to the commitments of the players with the clubs. Now, aware of what this tournament means, with the accumulation of trips and tournaments, there are people specialized in measuring that. We are always dissatisfied, we always demand, there are many concepts to work on and to remember. The response from the group has been very positive, it is an intelligent, receptive group, in addition to its natural talent, and I think we are on the right track ”.

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Will Colombia be more like the party of Ecuador or that of Venezuela? “It’s very difficult, all the games are different, I think Colombia has a special style and DNA that the players feel, the games come out differently because of the rivals, because of the strategy sometimes on our part and sometimes on the opponent’s side. They are all very mature teams, very competitive, and predicting which one they will look like is very difficult. Peru is different from Ecuador and Venezuela, it has a different style, other years of work and another structure. Colombia is going to try to continue improving, but also to neutralize Peru and see where to take advantage. There is no answer to that.

The yellow of Juan Guillermo Cuadrado. “In these short tournaments there are all those imponderables, it is a situation to analyze, we are aware that Juan Guillermo is in a position where he is not so exposed. Rivals are more exposed, who are the ones who have to control it. The initial thing now is to face Peru with all the focus on the game, aware of how difficult the rival is ”.

How to win inner game. “They are very precise concepts, a very interesting question. It is one of the offensive factors that must be improved, both by the entire community, from our goalkeeper to the men on the attack front, due to their movements and gestation in the shuttle area. We have already analyzed it and it was seen against Venezuela, as a result of their work, 23 approaches are quantified, it was imprecise in one or two situations, we must improve on that ”.

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Little time to prepare the game. “We are working on it, just today is a very important day for what we do on the court and in the video review, what we have already advanced, are important hours to improve on that concept and be able to translate it on the court.”





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