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2021.06.22Kudo Airi

Actress Tao Tsuchiya (right) and Ramu Tokashiki, the ace of the Japanese women’s basketball, rushed to celebrate the inauguration of new chairman Naomi Kawase (center).

Basketball Women’s LeagueW league) Held a press conference to announce the new system in Roppongi, Tokyo on the 21st, and in the latter half of the conferenceNaomi KawaseTo celebrate the inauguration of the new chairman, the actressTao TsuchiyaAnd the ace of Japanese women’s basketballRamu TokashikiThe players rushed in and sent a bouquet and ale.

◆ “A figure that makes life shine!” Naomi Kawase, the new chairman, is motivated to disseminate the appeal of the W League

■ Mr. Taho and Mr. Tokashiki show off ball handling

Mr. Taho said in junior high schoolNo. 10 small forwardLooking back on his own experience of playing basketball, he looked forward to the future development of the W League. this spring,Japan Women’s College of Physical EducationMr. Taho, who graduated from the school, showed his excellent ball handling skills in front of the new chairman. Tokashiki also instinctively said, “Better than teammates“I showed a surprised expression.

Tao Tsuchiya and Ramu Tokashiki celebrate their inauguration with ball handling

After Mr. Taho took the stage, a talk session was held between the new chairman and Tokashiki, and Chairman Kawase called Tokashiki “Ramu-chanThe conversation proceeded in a peaceful mood from beginning to end.

■ Talk session by Naomi Kawase and Ramu Tokashiki

Chairman Kawase:
Please tell us what you always think about the W League.

It’s been 13 years since I myself, but when I look at the excitement of the women’s basketball world, it’s getting more and more exciting … I am. I think it is very important that there is a place where we can convey our opinions.

Chairman Kawase:
What do you want to do in your current career and in your second career?

I would like to make the Japanese basketball world even more exciting. Even while I am active, I would like to have the opportunity not only to show the game but also to get in touch with the children and everyone who supports me and give back. If it is difficult to contact due to the corona, you can ask and answer questions. I want to give my children a dream, and I think that people who have never seen basketball will enjoy the game together, and invite different people, so it will spread like that. I want to contribute to the activity.

Chairman Kawase:
A girl from all over the country who is very excited just to see an athlete who is moving realistically even from a distance, thinks “I want to be like that person”, “I’m playing basketball, but I don’t know where to reach” I want to tell you.

I agree. I think that the basketball girls (W league) are different from the boys (B league) in that they can move around the country (all teams) in the game.
I think it will be important to gather people in each region and win the hearts of the spectators, so I would like to create opportunities to interact with them, not just basketball games.

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