Andy Panko returns to Gipuzkoa Basket

New times for the Acunsa Gipuzkoa Basket after dispensing with Germán Cea, general manager of the club for the last twenty years, and the non-continuity of Marcelo Nicola. President Ignacio Nunez has announced that Ibon Muñoz will take the reins of the club as managing Director Y the return of a legend as Andy Panko, which will be the Club Ambassador.

«Ibon has a broad profile as a manager of sport. He has worked in private banking and also with Super Amara BAT to stimulate and manage the financial area, income activation, and will continue with Super Amara BAT. He has done a lot of consulting work on sports activities and he is a man prepared for that role. Regarding the former player and legend of the GBC, the president said that «wants to give back to the club in appreciation for their great years here. He becomes an Ambassador of the GBC, he will be close to the first team, help and coordinate the province’s basketball, he will buy shares in the club and he will help within those tasks». The Harrisburgh Sheriff, who has followed him closely since he left the club “He will be aware of our movements to incorporate a sports director and a coach”, has commented Núñez.

In this sense, the Gipuzkoan group changes its organization chart and will have two visible heads; a general director, who will be Ibon Muñoz and a sports director who will be in charge of the purely team plot and incorporation and monitoring of players. “So much In the case of the coach and the sports director, we have the idea that they are prepared and trained people, with talent, a desire to grow, ambition and a lot of head. We understand that there is talent in Gipuzkoa and we do not rule out that these people are from here, although if they are from Navarra or Oviedo and meet the profile we are looking for, we will incorporate them ».

Nuñez has revealed that They have Oroz, Motos and Olaizola for the new project (although only Motos has a contract in force) and that it will try to have more Gipuzkoan players on the squad. «We are going to influence the Gipuzkoan players for the squad and other quality elements that arrive from outside ”.

The president of Gipuzkoa basket has the firm intention that the team play the matches in Illunbe. The reason is that “Illunbe’s theme is strategic. The track is going to change and it would be nice to play there and for people to see it. We have to offer a very attractive live show and we have to enjoy with our people in Illunbe ». Núñez maintains that “the club must grow in social mass, we have to get closer to Gipuzkoa and be the benchmark in basketball in the territory” and has indicated thate can cohabit with the Juaristi ISB, who will also play the LEB Oro of those who have said “are an example in working from the base and building teams.” The president has used a lapidary phrase that sums up the message he sends to the basketball fan of the territory: “I prefer to play with 4,000 people in the LEB than with 1,000 in the ACB.”



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