A franchise puts its star in the balance to recover Damian Lillard!

The race to attract Damian Lillard is launched in the NBA, and promises a tough fight between teams interested in this huge coup. One of them would have already made it known that she could get rid of one of her All-Stars, and several nice picks to win the bet!

The news may have been more or less expected for a few days, it was like a bomb at the time of its publication. Involved in many trade rumors since the elimination of the Blazers in the playoffs, Damian Lillard is said to be ready to leave the franchise this time around. The rest of the league was quick to take note of this shift.

As the target of several front offices for years, the Portland point guard should see some great deals coming to the table for him soon. These are in any case the echoes that emerge in recent hours. The Pelicans would notably be part of the list of contenders, and would already have a deal in mind according to Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson.

The New Orleans Pelicans are ready to part ways with Brandon Ingram in the hope of getting Damian Lillard, I’m told.

The Pels are also open to including many of the first round picks they inherited through trades from Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday.

Unable to qualify for the finals, despite a workforce full of talent, the Pels are obviously preparing to turn their group upside down this summer. Besides Lonzo Ball, whose departure tends to become clearer, Brandon Ingram could pay the price for this restructuring. A choice that would surprise, given the last two beautiful seasons delivered by the MIP 2020.

Recent reports have nevertheless suggested that the fit between BI and Zion Williamson would be debated in New Orleans. But while the golgoth and his relatives are starting to show signs of discontent, its leaders would not hesitate to use great means to preserve it. This could therefore go through a blockbuster trade for Lillard.

Launched into a major overhaul of the roster, the Pelicans would show a keen interest in Damian Lillard. The package they could come up with would give their Portland counterparts pause.


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