[방송]’Racquet Boys’ Si-eon Lee, Detecting Tang Jun-sang’s heart toward Jae-in Lee “If you like it, you should pay a tea”

Tang Jun-sang and Lee Jae-in’s fresh romance are on track. Si-eon Lee, who appeared as a cameo, saw the heart of Jun-sang Tang toward Jae-in Lee and emphasized the importance of expression.

In the SBS ‘Racket Boys’ broadcast on the 28th, Hae-gang (Tang Jun-sang) was drawn in front of Se-yoon (Lee Jae-in) and declared that he would defeat his love rival Chan.

To the words of Yoon Dam (played by Sang Yeon Sang) that they have to form a team of two in order to fulfill the mission given by Yong Tae (Kim Kang Hoon), Se Yoon responded, “Then Sol Yi will go with Yoon Dam, and I will go with Hae Kang.”

Their mission was to take photos of Gwangalli. Se-yoon, who was known as a celebrity in the badminton world early on, received a gift from a Japanese fan, and Hae-gang asked, “Isn’t mine?” Seyun said, “Why are they buying yours?”

However, Haegang did not give in and told Seyun, a native of Daegu, “I don’t speak the Busan dialect, do I? Aren’t they all the same?” he asked repeatedly. In response, Seyun calmed Haegang’s chatter by shooting, “If you go there and say that, Busan lads will dip you in the sea.”

The two of them took a photo with the beach in the background. In an untimely pink situation, Haegang and Seyun can’t control their palpitations.

A passerby (Lee Si-eon), who was in charge of filming, turned to Hae-gang and said, “Do you like that daughter? right? You seem to care more about that daughter than taking pictures. If you like it, you have to give it a tea.” Haegang said to him, who is a single mother, “Thank you, hyung. My brother’s girlfriend must be really happy. Because it’s a love doctor,” he replied, but he was confused.

Meanwhile, on the last day of national college, boys and girls gathered in one room and played a quiz match. But at this time, director Pang (Ahn Nae-sang) appeared, and the surprised children hid themselves. Among them, Seyoon and Haegang threw themselves into the closet.

Director Pang, who found alcohol in Hansol (Lee Ji-won)’s room, said, “It’s good to make memories, but it’s not alcohol.” While the children were careless, they reappeared and cheered the children except for Seyoon and Haegang.

At that time, Haegang and Seyun were still hiding in the closet. At this point, Haegang asked, “What did you answer? Didn’t Park Chan confess?” Seyoon said, “I didn’t confess. A deal to confess. After winning.”

“I can’t confess that. we’re going to win Haegang, who says, “I will win,” and Seyoon, who asks, “Can you keep that promise?”

Reporter Hyemi Lee / Photo = ‘Racket Boys’ broadcast screen capture

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