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walk alone, ”says Tiger Woods

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Tiger Woods, seriously injured on the road three months ago, spoke of his “painful” rehabilitation, without talking about a possible return to competition, in a brief interview with Golf Digest

“My number 1 goal at the moment: to walk alone”. The Tiger, seriously injured on the road three months ago, confided to Golf Digest about his rehabilitation, without giving any clue on a possible return to competition. “My rehabilitation keeps me busy. I’m doing my routine exercises every day and I’m focusing on my # 1 goal right now: walking on my own. I’m taking one step at a time, ”said Woods in the very first, short interview since the Feb. 23 accident in California, which left him with several open fractures to his right leg. Injuries “which have absolutely nothing to do” in terms of pain compared to what he may have suffered during his career, he who notably underwent five back operations including a perilous fusion of the lumbar vertebrae in 2017. ” I understand better what the rehabilitation process involves because of my past injuries, but it is more painful than anything I have known, ”he said.

“I had so much support from people, it helped me a lot”

Tiger Woods

“I had so much support from people, it helped me enormously,” added the winner of 15 Grand Slam titles, who however refused to answer the question of whether he could replay at golf. On Tuesday he reappeared posing with crutches, but without orthopedic boots,replaced by a compression pantyhose on her right leg, alongside a cancer child in a photo posted on the latter’s Instagram account. In early April, the police had established that the golfer was driving at a “dangerous speed”, nearly double the authorized limit, during his accident. He had been operated on for a long time, in particular for multiple open fractures in his right leg which required him to insert a metal rod into the tibia and screws to consolidate the bones of the foot and ankle. Last week, U.S. Ryder Cup captain Steve Stricker said he hoped to see Tiger Woods recovered enough to serve as the captain’s assistant during the U.S.-Europe showdown at Whistling Straits in Wisconsin in September.


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