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»U. Española beat Curicó Unido and stormed the top of the tournament

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Friday May 28, 2021

The ‘Hispanics’ defeated the ‘torteros’ as a visitor 2-1 and tied their third victory in a row under the command of César Bravo, which allows them to sleep as leader of the National Championship and leave behind their terrible start. On the other hand, those of Palermo sink and are penultimate.

In the commitment that opened day 9 of the National Championship, an effective Spanish Union went to La Granja and defeated Curicó Unido 2-1, exacerbating the crisis of Martín Palermo’s team and climbing to first place in the Creole contest.

With the urgency to return to victory after eight games, the ‘torteros’ started with everything and had an unbeatable chance in the 11′ with a crossed shot from Leandro Benegas that rose the vertical. On the other hand, the reds of Santa Laura did not have arrivals, but they took advantage of the one they had. A shot on the crossbar by Cristian Palacios was captured by a lone Gerardo Navarrete (27 ′) to open the account in favor of the ‘Hispanics’ in the Seventh Region.

Hard blow for the cast of Martín Palermo, who anyway knew how to replace and found parity just before the break, thanks to the calm definition of Heber García (45 ′).

In addition, the match raised its level quite a bit, with a higher pace of play and arrivals in both areas, with the Maulinos being the ones who generated more chances and took the ball. However, when the victory for those of Independence was seen further away, a ghostly Cristian Palacios (84 ′) appeared, the tournament’s top scorer to give the reds valuable 3 points.

From the first date that Curicó failed to win, a negative streak that has them in the penultimate position with only 6 points. Those led by the ‘Titan’ closed in this way their participation this semester, since in the next day they are the free team. Much to improve for the second part of the year.

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On the other hand, Unión achieved their third victory in line since the arrival of Bravo and after a bad start they will now sleep as a leader with 14 units. In their last commitment before the football break for the Copa América, the ‘Hispanics’ will receive Deportes Antofagasta in the Cathedral this next 06/06 at 12:30 hours.

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