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The flops of the week 15: Kirk Cousins ​​garlanded | Touchdown Actu (NFL Actu)

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The NFL season is long and there are sometimes meetings to forget for some players, coaches or franchises. A quick overview that will make some laugh and cry others.

Kirk Cousins

He had signed a fully guaranteed 72 million contract almost 3 years ago and many specialists found that the amount made sense after Cousins’ strong performance on the Washington side. It is clear that his journey in Minnesota was not a great success.

It’s not Justin Jefferson who will say the opposite. He who bursts the screen since the start of the season already seems to have had enough of his quarterback. Jefferson seems to have very high expectations for himself and he would like his quarterback to help him out a little bit. He also made Cousins ​​understand that he was not at the level and that he hesitated too much before throwing the ball. Take a look …

The start of the 49ers game

Admittedly, they have a lot of injuries and winning matches is very complicated in 2020 for the 49ers, but their start to the game in week 15 was the perfect example of what not to do. A Richie James Jr. fumble on the 49ers’ first kick return. On the next drive, Nick Mullens imitates his teammate, fumbles the ball and again puts the Cowboys in a good position.

Result, 14-0 and the 49ers chased the score throughout the game without being able to come back to Dallas. San Francisco even dominated almost all of the match, but, because of this poor start, saw the playoffs soar.

The Patriots face Tom Brady

Whatever the situation between the two sides leading up to the 2020 season, there was a distance game between the Patriots and Tom Brady who were separated for the first time in 20 years. The two were off to a good start, but the Patriots’ adventure got pretty tough when the co-vid got involved. Cam Newton never quite managed to regain his rhythm and the offense did not advance further, as the defense failed to win as many matches as they had in the past.

On the Tampa Bay side, it’s not a walk in the park for Tom Brady, but few will deny that he is doing damn well for a 43-year-old quarterback who had to learn a new offensive system during the offensive. Brady even seems more and more comfortable in this attack of the Buccaneers and when we know what he has achieved in the past in the playoffs, it could give some cold sweats to the NFC franchises who will have to face the Bucs.

The Jaguars offensive line

The Jags took a drop in the rules against the Ravens. With a score of 40-7 at one point in the game, it can be said that Baltimore was not really worried. Gardner Minshew will not say the opposite, he who was sacked 5 times during the game by the Ravens rusher.

Worse than the sacks is the pressure he was under throughout the game. The poor Jaguars quarterback had to run to escape the pressure throughout the game. His offensive line was almost never able to give him protection so he could throw serenely and it was felt in the rush with which he was throwing.

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