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Shawn Kemp admits to preferring Rodman to Jordan and hates the Thunder

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Shawn Kemp is rather rare in the media. After going through difficult times in the years following his retirement and a sad end to his career, the former Seattle star has regained control of his life and works in the cannabis business. The Reign Man has the largest medical weed establishment in all of Washington state.

Sunday he was on a duplex with Rémi Reverchon on beIN Sports to discuss his daily life and his memories. Among the topics covered, the 1996 NBA Finals against the Bulls by Michael Jordan. MJ was not necessarily the player he admired the most in the Chicago workforce.

“People always ask me about Michael Jordan. I tell them I enjoyed playing Dennis Rodman more. He was really a very good player and one of the best defensemen in the history of NBA. When I started to have good games against Rodman, it made me happy because I knew that meant I was going in the right direction.

For Shawn Kemp, Michael Jordan lied about Gary Payton

Shawn Kemp also touched on what’s still traumatic for a lot of people in Seattle: the Sonics leaving for Oklahoma City, where the franchise has become the Thunder.

“Yes, it broke the hearts of everyone in town. People are still in pain and they have hopes of getting the franchise back someday. I think it will be when the time is right. In the meantime, we can only cross their fingers.

In a way, people here feel like they’ve been robbed. They have no affection for the Oklahoma City Thunder and we were all happy they weren’t making the playoffs this year! “

Kemp confirmed in passing that when the Sonics return to Seattle, he will necessarily have a role, whatever it is, within the organization.

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Shawn Kemp’s interview with beIN Sports

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