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Ostia, children kidnapped and exploited in exchange for drugs: the mother denounces and has two members of the Spada clan arrested

by archysport

She could no longer accept the living conditions imposed on her family since she had come under the yoke of Sword clan. For this reason a mother from Ostia decided to report: to end up in handcuffs Juan Carlos and Francesco Spada, sons of the best known Armando. For them the charge is of kidnapping, criminal association for drug dealing e reduction into slavery. The operation “Mater matuta” it was born thanks to a mother who wanted to defend her children: because of the addiction to the crash they had ended up under the yoke of the Spada.

The woman’s family had lived in a garage since 2016 in via Forni: he used it as a home and paid “the canon” to the clan that holds control of the Roman coast. The two sons were drug dealers in the pay of the Spada clan while his sister did prostitute to pay off the boys’ debts. The Romanian woman called 112 on Tuesday 25 May after Juan Carlos entered the house to look for one of his two sons, the eldest, for a debt of 60 euro. Together with his brother they tracked him down in the pizzeria, in the same area as Gasparri square, beating him with a baseball bat and making him escape into a pool of blood.

The phone call to the police was interrupted for fear, but this was enough to convince the policemen of Antonino Mendolia to travel to the area. The woman was taken to the police station that same evening. There she recounted the psychological subjection in which her family lived, explaining that she herself had worked as cook e cleaning woman for the Spada. “Those who ask for legality will be listened to – said the manager of the Lido police station during the press conference – even in difficult territories and fighting people known for their danger ”. Congratulations to the police also came from the Twitter profile of the mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi: “Thanks to the State Police and Dda for the arrest of two members of the Spada clan in Ostia. Operation possible thanks to a complaint from a mother who is tired of seeing her drug addicted children used as slaves by drug dealers ”.

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