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Nahuel Estévez: Students, Spezia and an unexpected change of plans

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Faced with this situation, and when Students had the idea of ​​having more than two million dollars for the transfer of the young soccer player, the future may hold the player back to the institution in La Plata.

In the midst of this new situation, Nahuel Estévez’s agents are looking for a new destiny for him in Serie A and in other leagues in Europe, so that the player remains playing in the old continent.

If this last option is given, the player’s agents and his new club will have to sit down to negotiate again with Estudiantes, since Estévez has a link with Pincha and if he has no other destination, he will have to report to train under the orders of Ricardo Zielinski. .


The player’s idea is to stay in Europe and win a new chance in whatever league it may be, but reality indicates that he is far from his ideal today, he is a player with a contract at León and if any situation does not prosper, he will have to return to Argentina.

The transfer market is just taking its first steps not only in our country, but also in most of the world’s leagues, and Nahuel Estévez’s situation could be resolved within a long time. Before that end comes, the parties must agree whether the player should return and wait here or give him permission to stay there.

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