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Luino also wins in Marnate and prepares for the playoffs

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The positive streak of CMT Pallacanestro Verbano Luino remains open who continues to win from the last day of the first phase, passing through the next four of the clock phase. To give way to CMT this time is the leaders who surrender at 58-66. After trying the comeback several times, the Marnatese was forced to wave the white flag, which did not happen in the previous two seasons.

Having to do without Palazzi and Gardini, coach Manetta frequently draws from the bench right from the start, extending the rotations to all players on the scoresheet. In the first 10 ‘following the double ball Marnate tries but it is the visiting team that prevails: the most inspired among the Luinese are Bishops (20 points) and Moalli (7), and it is the latter, despite the short time spent on the field, who closes the first fraction with a three-point play that sets the score at 16-22.

In the second quarter the PVL returns to the parquet with the handbrake on and a few too many errors in shooting, allows the hosts to make up for it at first and then to find the advantage, thanks to a partial 10-0 which forces Luino to call a time-out at the mid-second period mark. The lacuals then manage to unlock in the construction phase and the Marnatese suffers a partial counter with which the guests take the lead, once again thanks to Vescovi, who scores thirteen of his twenty points in this quarter, complete with a triple at the expire that gives the maximum advantage recorded up to that moment for their team at 42-31.

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After the break, the CMT restarts where it left off and tries to further extend the gap from the opponents. This time to call a time-out is coach Viola who decides to opt for zone defense in an attempt to reduce the gap: the choice, however, does not have the desired effects and the situation after the first 30 ‘of play remains substantially unchanged, thanks to a vertical lowering of the realization percentages due to which there are only twelve points scored by both sides (54-43).

The hosts, however, are not there and at the opening of the last quarter they manage to give life to a second attempt to mend the tear. The PVL loses lucidity in the offensive half and demonstrates a decrease in intensity in the defensive one: Marnatese takes advantage of it and as she had done during the second fraction, returns to a draw.

In the last two and a half minutes it is as if the two teams had restarted from zero to zero: the baskets arrive from one side and the other, but it is the triples of Del Bosco (6), Vescovi and Pehar (10) that give back oxygen to Virtus who finally puts his head ahead and wins the last points up for grabs by winning the photo finish, with a score of 58-66, on the field of the leaders who, for his part, pays an excess of fatigue in the final.

Filed the first win of the season of Luino over Marnatese as well as the clock phase, now both teams will have seven days to prepare for the first playoff round which will start next weekend. Waiting for the PVL, which will have the advantage of the home factor in the first series to the best of three games, there will be the third classified of the group, or Castronno.

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Marnatese Basket: Arui 8, Augusto, Cattaneo 10, Croci 6, Fiorini, Florio 2, Martinoli ne, Parietti 7, Pogliana, Roppo 11, Tiengo 8, Tonella 6. All. Viola
CMT Virtus Luino Basketball: Bertani 6, Ciotti, Conti 3, Del Bosco 6, Gubitta 6, Marotta 8, Moalli 7, Pehar 10, Saredi, Vescovi 20. All. Manetta


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