Kaishi Kokusai won the final 4-0 in Niigata Daiichi. In the 2nd to 4th rounds of the first round, he won the championship for the second time since 2019 (held last year). Senpo and Sakaki Tomoyasu (3rd year) who participated by pushing the injury of the left hand drew the flow to the team. The school will participate in the National High School Championships (August, Nagano).

Kaishi Kokusai won 5-0 in 3 races from the 2nd round of the first round to the semi-final. There was a draw in the final, and although it was 4-0, he did not give one win to the opponent until the end and stood at the top of the prefecture. It was Sakaki Sakaki who put the team on the momentum. I was in a state where I couldn’t hold my hand because I hurt the ligament of my left thumb, but I took part in taping and painkillers. In the 2nd round Murakami round, he pulled the team with a single win, and in the 3rd round Niigata Technical High School, he won a single win with a triangle choke.

In the final, he played the role of a pioneer, such as deciding to drop his body. Sakaki said, “I’m very relieved. I’m happy.” Although he is good at attacking with mowing techniques, he sensed that the opponent was wary and attacked with a different technique than usual. “I finally got to the starting line. I want to challenge myself to win the first and last national tournament,” he said.[Satomi Iijima]