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Press release of Catalana Baseball Softball

The 2021 Serie B baseball championship of Catalana begins uphill, which on Sunday faced the Capitoline team of Cali Roma losing both games. In the first game, which ended with the football score of 3 to 0, there was an excellent performance by the white-blue pitcher Yovany D’Amico who remained on the mountain for seven complete innings, later taken over by Simone Puddu, equally incisive. In the face of the good condition of the pitchers, the defense did not shine, conceding too much to the opponents due to avoidable errors. To forget the performance inside the batting box, where the clubs from Alghero have not been able to pack much, making few hits and mostly in game situations that could not bring points to the team.

In race two, still a good performance by the pitchers Leonardo D’Amico and Fabio Langella, but half of the points scored by Cali – 11 against the 4 of Catalana – are the result of gross defensive errors, a sign of a preparation still to be calibrated. must. In attack to report two good beats by Yovany D’Amico and Marco Cugia: only two flashes in a rather dark performance, which manager Heredia Campa will surely analyze together with his boys during the week. In fact, already on Saturday afternoon, at 3.00 pm, the Roma Brewers team will arrive on Maria Pia’s diamond. On the last day, they lost Race 1 and then won Race 2 with Swordfish Messina. The second match, also in Alghero, will be played on Sunday morning at 11.00.

The epilogue of the two games played at home by the Catalana Softball girls who overcame the Cinghis Nuoro for their superiority in the third inning in both challenges was completely different. Beyond the score – 19 to 4 in Race 1 and 16 to 1 in Race 2 – the team showed a good consistency both in defense and in attack, with pitchers Noemi Cossu and Silvia Pala in great shape. Good performance by Giorgia Nuvoli in the role of catcher (due to the unavailability of Giovanna Pisanu due to injury) who also performed well in batting, realizing an internal home run. All the girls lined up in the diamond have however shown that they have metabolized the technical indications given during the long period of preparation by the coaches Foddai, Sotgiu, Sini and Manunta, against an opponent certainly very young, but with a lot of growth potential. Among the novelties, the debut as a starter of Beatrice Tilloca, deployed in both games in the role of right winger, and of Rita Congiu, who has recently joined the team. The Catalana Essenne Softball will play next Sunday in Sassari in the Li Punti field, at 11.00 am, against Black Sheep Sassari.

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