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“In Baku I bet on Norris. McLaren is rocket on the straights and did well in Monaco too ”- OA Sport

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Weekend break for the Formula 1 World Championship, which will however return as protagonist from Friday 4 to Sunday 6 June in Baku for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2021, sixth round of the season. Filed the Monaco GP with a surprising podium without Mercedes, made up of the Verstappen-Sainz-Norris trio, the wait increases to verify the values ​​in the field of the cars on another city circuit but with characteristics very far from those of Monte Carlo.

I think one driver who should be excited for the next round in Baku is Norris comments Carlos Sainz, who then explains (source: Motorsport.com) – His car on the straights is a rocket. Already last year the car was not bad on a track like Monza and also in Monaco this year it went well. I’ll probably bet on him. He put a lot of pressure on me when he told me I could win. He was right, now let’s see if I’m right“.

However, the Briton from McLaren did not want to overreact in this sense:We’ll see. Sainz and Verstappen flew on the straights, but in Baku, in addition to top speed, you need to be very familiar with the brakes as you run with a very low aerodynamic configuration. In Barcelona we suffered a bit from this point of view and for this reason we believed we were not competitive in Monaco. In the final sector we were not at ease, and even if we did not travel at low speeds as in Monte Carlo we were sure that we would have struggled ”.

We are still getting to know the car, even if it is an evolution of that of last season. There have been some changes that have affected the car both positively and negatively. However, considering the conditions, we can say that we left Monaco with an excellent result”Concludes Lando Norris.

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