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CB Pitiús caresses national glory, which manages to take Oviedo

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Álex Alcalá, from CB Pitiús, in a game against Leal. | JUAN A. RIERA

And it is that the Ibizan team, despite the difficulties and adversities of having to overcome the result of the first leg 4-3, after which the Asturians arrived with a minimal advantage to the island, the truth is that it touched at times the feat of achieving the feat of rising for the first time as king of national badminton in the first final to which he acceded in its history.

The Ovida Oviedo team raises the champion’s cup. | JUAN A. RIERA

The Pitiusos did the most difficult, placing themselves with a hopeful partial score of 4-1 in the overall crash, after winning with solvency in the three doubles (3-0) and in the first men’s individual.

The hostilities in the mixed doubles were opened by the local couple made up of Kike Peñalver and Paula López against the visitor made up of Alberto Zapico and Lorena Molé, in a head-to-head in which the islanders took the victory in straight sets by 21-11 and 22-20.

In the men’s doubles, the Pitiusan duo formed by Vicent Martínez and Kike Peñalver did the same and did not yield an iota on the track despite the stiff opposition of their rivals, Javier Suárez and Alberto Zapico, whom they ended up submitting to add the second point for the locals after winning in three sets by 21-14, 14-21 and 21-15.

In the women’s doubles, the tandem Paula López and Laia Oset did not give their opponents a truce either, the Oviedo couple formed by Lorena Molé and Claudia Leal, whom they defeated with some comfort by a score of 21-13 and 22-20.

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Then, in the first individual duels, Álvaro Vázquez gave the Ibizans the fourth point, after getting rid of a great comeback by Uriel Canjura in three sets by 13-21, 21-12 and 21-12 in the men’s pulse. , thus cemented the illusion for a champion title that they cherished in those moments.

The individual, decisive

However, in the first women’s individual, the islander Laia Oset clearly gave in in her match against an implacable Kristina Dzhanhobekova, who took a resounding victory by 4-21 and 8-21, thus putting the 4-1 in the global score.

Despite this, there was still hope of a winning triumph in one of the last singles, but Laura Primo was never comfortable in front of her tough opponent, Claudia Leal, who clearly defeated the Ibizan 12-21 and 13-21, while his teammate Álex Alcalá could not stop either, despite trying in every way, an Álvaro Leal who ended up winning the victory by 15-21 and 18-21, to give the Oviedo their second title national champion.


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