Carbonne: The judokas want to find the tatami mats!

The new health rules mean that the Carbonne dojo was only open for children under 18 and their educators. They are the only ones who can practice with contact.

For adults, training takes place outside the socio-cultural center, until June 9.

From June 9 to 30, practice with contact can be done, but always outdoors for adults.

The martial arts practiced at the Carbonne club are:

Judo with as teacher Alexis, black belt 4th dan who has a state patent and Lucas 2th dan CQP (Professional Qualification Certificate).

Le Ju ji tsu hosted by Marjorie 4th dan who has a state patent.

Le Baby judo directed by Antonnelle 3th dan CQP, National Commissioner, Vice President and Treasurer of the Occitanbie League.

President Pierre Bullara, 4th dan, CQP, National referee, referee member of the Occitanie league, National delegate within committee 31, ensures replacements when necessary.

The club currently has 150 members. But as it is planned to open a “Self defense” section at the start of September, this should change. This section will be led by Marjorie.

Everyone is longing for the situation to improve in order to resume the path to the dojo.

For club registrations: Tel 06 03 00 49 29 or come directly to the dojo. First class on 06/09.



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