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Breathtaking views – what the ‘blood moon’ eclipse looked like in different parts of the world

by archysport

On Wednesday, May 26, people in part of the world could witness a truly impressive combination. The lunar eclipse, or so-called “blood moon,” coincided with the supermoon, or the Moon in the perigee, the point in orbit closest to Earth, making the sky look larger than usual. We explained at the beginning of the week why it looks pink during the lunar eclipse. But now it’s time to look back at the beautiful phenomenon in photography, because unfortunately it was not observed in Latvia – we had a day and the moon was below the horizon at that time. In addition, time was cloudy.

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This combination – total eclipse and super moon – is not too rare. Previously, this was the case at the end of September 2015. However, those photographers who wanted to capture the most glorious moments of the eclipse were not allowed to fall asleep – the phase of the full eclipse lasted only about 15 minutes – from 14.11 to 14.26 Latvian time, with the Moon in the shadow of the Earth at exactly 14.19.

Soon in those parts of the world where the eclipse was well visible – Australia, New Zealand, western North America, western South America and Southeast Asia – the internet was overflowing with great photos of the pink moon.

It should be remembered, however, that some pictures taken with telephoto lenses with a long focal length, so very distant objects (in this case the moon) may look disproportionately large in relation to foreground objects (buildings, people, etc.). With the “naked eye,” of course, we would not see the Moon in the sky, which looks as wide as a skyscraper or larger than the people watching it from the top of the mountain. Also, the so-called super moon in the sky, when viewed without optical aids, looks to us only about seven percent larger than average and 14% larger than the minimum moon (when it is at its apogee or farthest from Earth). The difference is noticeable, but not huge.

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In Latvia, the best chances to experience a pronounced lunar eclipse will be only in September 2025.

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