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ATP Geneva: Roger Federer conqueror Pablo Andujar reveals how his children reacted to the victory

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Andujar raved about the long-awaited chance even before the game against Federer: “I really wanted to play a match against Roger Federer, only to tell my children and grandchildren later that I played against him.”

The 35-year-old’s dream came true in the round of 16 at the ATP tournament in Geneva. Andujar not only played against the Swiss, but also defeated the 20-time Grand Slam winner in three sets with 6: 4, 4: 6, 6: 4.

The Spaniard told “ATP Tours” how his family welcomed his triumph: “I spoke to my wife and parents and they were very happy for me. When I talked to the children, I said ‘Dad has won a match ‘and they just said’ Okay, bye bye! ‘”

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Even if his children are too young to judge his success, his three little ones mean everything to the 35-year-old: “Since they were born, my top priority is no longer tennis, but them. Even if I lose a match – and of course I lose a lot of it – the feeling of losing a match is not what it used to be, there is no drama because I know that I have them and that I will return home and be with them . “

Andujar about his kids: “Best victory of my entire life”

Andujar added: “You are definitely the best win of my life.”

At the moment, however, it is still too early to take the children on the tour. He explained, “You are not self-employed at all and even if we take someone with us to help my wife, it is really difficult to travel with children of that age.” In addition, travel is currently made more difficult due to the pandemic.

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Thanks to the advanced technical possibilities, however, it is quite possible to keep in touch with his family while he is on tour. The 35-year-old speaks on the phone at least once a day with his children and his wife, but some of these phone calls are still different than he originally imagined.

Andujar said: “I call you to ask about your day, but you are still very young and sometimes you just don’t want to talk to dad. But I accept that and at least watch you and of course talk to my wife and her then tell me about your day. “

On Thursday, Andujar will face Swiss Dominic Stricker in the quarter-finals of the clay court tournament in Geneva.

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