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“Almost better than the real one I must say”

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Passing through Dallas on April 12, Joel Embiid had paid tribute to Dirk Nowitzki with a fadeaway on one foot (at 1’50 below), the signature move of the legend of the Mavs, whose silhouette is now painted on the ground.

“He texted me the next day and said he wanted to show me his respect by taking this shoot on my figure. Obviously that made me very happy, I am honored that he says to himself that it is a good shoot to have in his arsenal. »Dirk Nowitzki

Artistic note of imitation?

“It’s not bad at all I must say. He’s so strong and athletic, but so agile and with a lot of touch at the same time. He is an exceptional player, and so much fun to watch. His shoot is almost better than the real one I must say. »Dirk Nowitzki

If he hadn’t missed 21 out of 72 games this season, the Cameroonian would have had a good chance of finishing MVP.

“He has the body of a Shaquille O’Neal smaller, but with the outside shoot. It has a little the same finesse asHakeem (Olajuwon), footwork. With the complete game he has, inside, outside, in defense, he ranks among the best pivots in history, necessarily. He loves to counter shots, we see that it boosts him. It is a real force on both sides of the field. He’s a matchup nightmare because he plays both indoors and outdoors. It’s a great combination of power and finesse. He can use both every night. A nightmare, that’s clear.

Nowitzki has already arranged to meet him at the Hall of Fame.

“Of course, such strength… if his health holds up, which we all hope for, because it’s so fun to watch him play. For me there is not even to think about, if we assume that he will have a long career. It is already unstoppable, and it will remain so for a long time. Health is the only question mark, but I think it will be fine. »Dirk Nowitzki

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