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We have enough to eat at the Masters Tournament

by archysport

April… The snow is quickly melting, the golf courses can finally breathe. In Quebec, some 18 holes are even ready to welcome you. The arrival of spring is also a sign that the presentation of Masters Tournament is on our doorstep. And the 2021 edition promises to be memorable.

In recent days, golfers invited to the National Augusta have loosened the muscles and have completed their practice rounds. We say alleys that they are firm and fast. Kick-off is scheduled for Thursday.

The first major tournament of the season is also preparing to receive spectators. On site, the usual hygiene measures aimed at limiting the spread of Covid-19 will be advocated. Thus, the people present must in particular disinfect their hands regularly and maintain a distance of at least two putters between them.

We eat inexpensively at the Masters Tournament

It is well known that tickets to attend the Masters Tournament cost the skin of the buttocks. However, we are always surprised to see how affordable food is.

As in previous editions (the prices haven’t changed for years), for less than $ 10, you can eat your fill and even complete your meal with a small fret.

Sold $ 4 to $ 5 a glass, beer and the most expensive item on the menu. We are far from being at the Bell Center.

If you’re really hungry, for $ 56.50 you can order anything on the menu!

The last time I saw prices as low (or almost) at a major sporting event, it was during the Super Bowl LIII, in Atlanta.

To say that in Super Bowl LV, for $ 36, you were only allowed a cheeseburger and a beer.

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