The government authorizes the resumption of access leagues to state tournaments

The Primera Catalana de Fútbol, ​​postponed since October 10 after the dispute of the second day, and the Copa Catalunya de basketball, which had not yet begun, are some of the amateur sports competitions that can be resumed in the coming weeks. The Procicat, in its meeting yesterday, agreed to a minimum reopening of the sector, far from what the grassroots clubs intended, which also includes the resumption of activity in gyms and pavilions with 30% of its capacity and a maximum of six people per activity, wearing a mask during practice and with locker rooms closed.

“We want to wait and see what the DOGC says because there are things that are not understood. We are demanding coherence and that it be equated with other sectors such as culture “, said Joan Ferrer, one of the promoters of the Ja n’hi ha prou platform, which calls for the reopening of sport, especially for the benefits that has in children and young people. The competitions are still mostly suspended, as only state or professional competitions are still authorized, although from Monday onwards all those tournaments that give access to state competitions will be allowed, which benefits about 4,600 people, with the aim of to “maintain the vitality of Catalan sport”, according to Marc Ramentol, Secretary General of Health. A few days ago had already taken the Catalan League handball, considering it a national Spanish second division, and last weekend launched the National Hockey Catalan. Pending the publication of the DOGC, all these categories will be able to resume training on Monday and with the lifting of the municipal confinement they will be able to move to a locality other than their own.

In the field of football, the reopening will affect the Primera Catalana, which gives access to the Tercera, and the Preferente youth and women’s. The Federation is still not clear when it will roll the ball again, or if when it does there will be an audience in the stadiums (now all the matches of any discipline in Catalonia are behind closed doors). The last weekend of February could be the one chosen for the restart, which in principle would maintain the format and schedule of the first phase of competition that had already begun in October. Of course, the championship would end at the end of this league and promotions and relegations will have to be settled, therefore, in these matches, without the option of a second phase.

The Catalan Basketball Federation (FCBQ), for its part, had already raised in a meeting with different clubs in the Copa Catalunya (which gives access to the EBA league) a proposal to return to the competition on the weekend of 6 and March 7, if the pandemic allowed it. Preferential competitions may also be resumed. Another sport that also minimally visualizes reopening is skating. The Catalan Federation is considering making the championship Catalan groups show on March 27, while the Spaniard is set for April 24.



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