Sarri and Bordils are challenged in another atpic derby with many incentives

Just almost two months after Sarrià’s victory in Bordils (24-26) in the first round match, the two representatives from Girona in the Silver Handball Division meet again, this time on the court of the team led by Salva Puig. It will once again be an atypical derby due to health restrictions and the lack of spectators, but a Sarrià-Bordils is always a “special” duel, especially with the need for both teams to score to reach the second phase of the league in the best conditions. Sarrià will face the match coming out of a confinement for a positive for covid-19 that has made them postpone two days, and has not competed since December 19; Bordils, on the other hand, has not lost in 2021: it adds a victory against Adrianenc and a deserved draw against Burgos.

“Everyone is fine. The team has trained normally and the antigen tests have tested negative. Maybe there is a lack of shooting, although the fact of playing the derby will possibly give us the plus so that this doesn’t affect us so much “, explained yesterday the president of Sarrià, Joan Llunell. For his part, Quim Pou, from Bordils, said that “I don’t believe much in derbies. These are two points at stake as in the other important matches that will come against direct rivals such as Teucro, Ibiza and Adrianenc. Both, like the coaches, expect an even match and where the predictions are not worth it. In addition, the track factor has no impact today. “Playing without an audience is not the same, especially a Sarrià-Bordils,” says Llunell. For Pou, “the players have already got used to this factor, they have already learned about it, but it is true that for the public that cannot go to matches, the league has nothing to do with it”.

Despite the importance of the points at stake, neither the president of Sarrià nor that of Bordils think that the result will be definitive. Pou says that his players “believe it” and that they are convinced of the comeback they are starring in this 2021; Llunell states that “there is still a long way to go and it is not clear who will be up and who will be down. Surely the match will be decided by small details. The season, for both teams, has been marked by the pandemic. Most base equipment is stalled and it is difficult to balance budgets. “It’s desperate and very discouraging to see the current situation but we will continue to work,” said Joan Llunell, who, like Bordils, has to strike a balance to keep the club active despite the restrictions and obstacles.



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