Premier League: Mourinho took Dávinson Sánchez out against Brighton at halftime, did he charge him? | Premier League

Dávinson Sánchez went, in just 45 minutes, from the congratulations of the return to the starter in Tottenham to the possibility of a new slam from coach José Mourinho.

The Colombian started with some doubts against Brighton, he was overtaken by the young rival players and it did not seem like that because of his traditional left sector and the whole team played badly.

But it must also be said that he saved, putting his body, at least two clear goal options from the rival.

And despite everything, the surprise was total when, after the break, he did not go to the field but to the substitute bench. What happened?

That from 17 minutes Tottenham lost, a luxury that could not be given because, after losing against Liverpool, he needed to fish points against theoretically inferior rivals like this Sunday.

That’s why he touched the payroll, gave way to an attacker, fell back to Ndombele and bet on releasing attackers on the wings and going all out for the victory. He sacrificed him to Dávinson, that’s undeniable. But the need to win was pressing.

And then another decision came that makes one think that it was not personal against the Caucatan: after 60 minutes he took Bale out to try to awaken a totally inconsequential offensive zone.

Mourinho decided and may not be very popular, but it was inevitable. That is their job.




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