Judo donation at 4000m – Leofighters Austria

Top athlete Sabrina Filzmoser lives for judo sport. In addition to her top sport career, her completed pilot training and her police training, the 3-time Olympic participant supports the children of the highest dojo in the world!
At 4000m in the Himalaya Mountains in Nepal, everyone helps ten times over!
The coaches buy food in Kathmandu, which is then brought up the mountain by plane.

The participants of the Leofighters New Year’s Eve run “ran” 200 EUR, another 300 EUR were donated. Now the total sum of 500 EUR was handed over to Sabsi!
The money was immediately transferred to the coaching team in Nepal via bank transfer. The joy was great, as you can see from the photos.
Essential items, judo clothing, mats and things that make life easier are always needed.
Sabrina Filzmoser thanked the entire ASKÖ Judo Leonding with a Japanese “Domo arigato gozaimasu” …


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