Bisbal wins and continues to the top of the table

After the convincing victory on the last day at the Seguros Almozara in Zaragoza, Sol Gironès Bisbal wanted to keep adding victories. And so it was. The good feelings are still valid for another week in La Bisbal. In front was a rival who tried to dominate almost every facet of the game, but failed. A first quarter in favor of the Badalonians, did not cause Bisbal to get nervous and a great Torrent knew how to be the great leader of the block, one more week.

Although the first basket was from Bisbal, a partial 0-6 for Barcelona encouraged them to put the direct and reach the first quarter with an advantage (17-21). The lack of solidity in defense in the first 10 minutes of Senpau’s team ceased to exist from the second quarter. Bisbal led the match in his direction and reached the break with a favorable result (40-35). So far, duel more than matched with a period for each team. It looked like the second part would follow the same path. A more orderly local team with a good inside game, ran into a rival playing with more intensity and more speed. In this way the last minutes were reached with a very tight result. However, the locals went one step further to ensure a new triumph.



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