the usual Muriel responds to Pereyra’s lightning goal

The recovery between Udinese and Atalanta ends 1-1: a draw that offers few emotions and does not move the ranking. The report cards for fantasy football

The recovery of the 10th matchday of the Series between Udinese and Atalanta took place at the Dacia Arena in Udine. The match ended with the result of 1-1. The guests with this draw reach 33 points, and are confirmed in sixth place in the standings, while the hosts with 17 points do not move from 15th place.

Ready go and after only 25 seconds Pereyra escapes the marking of Palomino and Romero, focuses and mock Gollini between the legs. Udinese immediately took the lead in the first minute of play. With the result in favor, Udinese can play their game: tough defense and some counterattacks. Atalanta can never find the plays on the trocar, and are often too slow in ball possession.

The second decisive episode takes place a few minutes before the end of the first half. Gollini in low output on Lasagna sensationally loses the ball, on which Pereyra sling. The goalkeeper overwhelms the Argentine but for the referee Calvarese (and for the Var) there are no extremes for the penalty kick. On the overturn in front, Muriel receives the ball with his back to the goal, the Udinese defenders leave him too much space and he takes advantage of it by entering the area. With a bit of luck he finds himself in front of Musso and makes no mistake, for the equalizer.

After only 15 minutes of the second half, Gasperini not convinced of the evidence of his team, tries to change the inertia of the game by inserting Gosens, Ilicic and Zapata. The script of the match, however, does not change: Udinese defending in their own half and Atalanta not finding space and playing offensive. On the contrary, it is the hosts who cause a fright to the guests in the 85th minute, with Zeegelaar’s goal which, however, is rightly canceled for a clear foul on Gollini. Atalanta can’t even try a final forcing, against the defense of the Friulians that closes without ever going into trouble.

Udinese-Atalanta 1-1: the report cards of the match


Musso 6,5: first miracle on a volley from Maehle in the 34th minute, then closes with his foot on a Toloi fireball. He can do nothing on the equalizer, otherwise business as usual.

Becao 6: solid first half, Miranchuk follows a man preventing him from playing even with some hard intervention. He also confirmed himself in the second half, never getting jumped by Ilicic and Malinovskyi.

Bonifazi 6: almost flawless in the first part, he leads the whole defense. He gets distracted for a second and gives Muriel the space to draw. In the second part he never loses concentration.

Samir 6: marks Malinovskyi as his fellow warders, triggering a duel to the sound of fouls. It holds its own even after Zapata enters

Larsen 6: contains without too many problems Maehle in the first half, while it is a bit ‘more effort against Gosens.

from 88 ′ Molina s.v.

From Paul 6.5: the usual lighthouse in the middle of the field, in addition to quality, sacrifices himself so much to double on the Atalantine midfielders. He tries to get out of the pressure of the guests, but finds no help in his teammates.

Arslan 5.5: he holds his position well in front of the defense, manages to restart only once in the first half with a good play, but does not manage the timing of the Juventus dribble in the best possible way.

from 88 ′ De Maio sv

Mandragora 5: not very precise in the management of the ball, he hastens too much the timing of his restarts without ever getting into the game.

from 57 ′ Walace sv

Sea regulator 6: a lot of running for the whole range, he does his job well without overdoing it. Maehle’s resourcefulness suffers more in the second half, which gives him a yellow card.

Pereyra 6.5: the fittest of the 22 players in the first half. He escapes with cunning in speed and immediately puts his team ahead. Various for the whole field and fits in support of Lasagna. Too bad for the yellow card after a few minutes, which affects him a bit for the rest of the game.

Lasagna 5,5: he often finds himself alone among the three Nerazzurri defenders. He receives only dirty balls and never manages to fly towards the goal.

from 72 ′ Deulofeu 6: important return for Udinese. The Spaniard is ready and looks for some ideas of his own, but is still far from the best physical condition.

All. Gotti 6: game well prepared, as often happens, from a tactical point of view. His team does not concede anything and is very tidy. He fails to give greater offensive danger with his changes.


Gollini 5: he is surprised with a tunnel on the lower exit after a few seconds. He is not very busy, but at the end of the first half he misses a bloody ball that could have cost a penalty and the possible 2-0.

Toloi 6: he waits too long in the center of the area without intervening on Pereyra’s goal, but in the first half he is the only one to enter the opponent’s area frequently.

Romero 5: si blows too easily and naively by Pereyra. During the game he dispenses many hard interventions, which in the end cost him a yellow card.

Palomino 5,5: together with Romero he falls asleep in the first seconds of the match and is equally guilty on goal. For the rest, a few smudges.

Hateboer 5,5: test colorless for the German, who is engaged by Zeegelaar without ever looking dangerously forward.

from 59 ′ Gosens 6: enters to give some ideas, but fails to affect the match.

de Roon 6: a lot of running and a lot of wood in the middle of the field, he often finds himself having to chase his opponents because of the turnovers by his teammates.

Pessina 5,5: back on the pitch after injury but still looks rusty. Poor quality with the ball between his feet, he often runs empty even without the ball.

Mahle 6: debut from the first minute in the championship for the Dane, who is initially deployed on the left. He tries at the end of the first half with a volley, but Musso with a miracle denies him the goal. In the second half he is moved to the right, in his favorite position, and causes some headaches to the opponents.

Malinovskyi 5,5: he tries in vain to create some offensive points, but is promptly stopped by Samir. Enterprising compared to many of his teammates, but always not very incisive with the ball at his feet.

from 81 ′ Freuler s.v.

Miranchuk 5: absent in the first half, he is often beaten up by Becao. Probably not comfortable in that position where he cannot reenter on his left.

from 59 ′ Ilicic 5.5: with his entry into the field Gasperini hoped to give greater speed to the offensive maneuver, but the Slovenian does not seem to be at his best and fails to worry the Juventus defense.

Muriel 6,5: he fails to keep the ball with his back to the goal for the entire first fraction, then a sudden flash of his in the middle of the Friulian defenders’ cage leads to a draw.

from 59 ′ Zapata 5,5: enters to make a door with the rocky Udinese defenders, but he too is rejected with the strongest manners.

All. Gasperini 5.5: in view of the next commitments, try to make a mini turnover. His choices, however, do not pay off. To review the simultaneous use of Miranchuk and Malinovskyi, on the trocar, and of Maehle with inverted foot. Try changing the game with substitutions, but even newcomers do little.


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