the French fall in Serbia in qualifying for Euro 2022

The French handball players lost 27 to 24 against Serbia, Tuesday, January 5, in Zrenjanin, as part of the qualifications for the 2022 European Championship, for their first outing since their elimination a year ago, in the first round of Euro 2020.

For his managerial debut, Guillaume Gille was bound to hope for better, but the French team stammered their game, as was the case in January 2020 in Norway, and lost in Serbia by three goals for their first match. of qualifications for Euro 2022.

Michaël Guigou’s teammates increased the loss of the ball, like a counterattack by Luc Abalo in the last eight minutes poorly conducted, and had difficulty finding themselves in attack, with a rear base often in failure (6 out of 17 cumulative for Nedim Remili, Timothey N’Guessan and Dika Mem). “Even if our team is under reconstruction, it will quickly be necessary to be more efficient than today”, tweeted Valentine Door after the meeting.

The French will face Serbia again in Créteil on Saturday evening (7 p.m.) behind closed doors, still in qualifying for Euro 2022, with the opportunity to show a better face before flying to Egypt and the 2021 World Cup. , for which the Serbs are not qualified.

To travel to Hungary and Slovakia in January 2022, the French will have to take one of the top two places in Group 1, which also includes Belgium and Greece, or finish among the top four thirds of the eight qualifying groups) .

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