tensions around the eligibility of candidates

Published on : 10/01/2021 – 20:37Modified : 10/01/2021 – 23:10

Ahmed Yahya, one of the five candidates declared for the presidency of the African Football Confederation (CAF), criticized CAF after it deemed his candidacy admissible but “requiring further checks”. The Mauritanian is in the same case as the South African Patrice Motsepe, while the case of the outgoing boss, Ahmad, has been challenged. For the moment, only the Senegalese Augustin Senghor and the Ivorian Jacques Anouma are authorized to present themselves on March 12, 2021.

Tension is mounting over the election of the president of the African Football Confederation (CAF) scheduled for March 12, 2021 in Rabat. Ahmed Yahya, one of the five contenders for the post, raises his voice, after seeing his candidacy judged by the CAF admissible but « requiring additional checks ».

He threatens the body based in Cairo ” to initiate any legal and administrative action […] to ensure the protection of [ses] interests “In this process which he considers marked by” serious malfunctions ».

Change of radical tone

This is a 180 degree turnaround. Indeed, on January 7, the Mauritanian, like the South African Patrice Motsepe, had learned that his file was put on hold until January 28, date of a hearing organized by the Governance Commission of CAF.

On January 8, the boss of the Football Federation of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania (FFRIM) even said “ [félicité] because [sa] application has been deemed admissible “. He also indicated that he ” [répondrait] enthusiastically at the hearing in Cairo ».

“Indignant amazement”

At the same time, the president of FFRIM counter-attacks, however, in a letter dated January 8 and addressed to the acting head of administration (Secretary General) of CAF, Abdelmounaïm Bah. ” I learned with indignant amazement that my application would be subject to “partial validation” », He begins.

Ahmed Yahya then asserts pell-mell that ” precise rules “Of the CAF were” radically violated “, That the Confederation made its decision and announced it before the date initially planned (January 11), and that the latter made use of” imprudent communication around partial elements ».

Ahmed Yahya, bitter, further believes that “ the interpretation of this announcement […] lead to let think ” that it is ” ineligible “And that this situation” also allows a few candidates to start their campaign and promote themselves to voters »With three weeks in advance.

Patrice Motsepe in the countryside

Ahmed Yahya obviously refers to the Senegalese Augustin Senghor and Ivorian Jacques Anouma who have seen their files already validated by the Governance Commission of CAF. An Anouma who also launched his campaign site a few days ago.

On December 21, the former Ivorian football boss received Patrice Motsepe to discuss possible convergences between the two men.

The South African, for his part, seems to have completely disregarded CAF’s decision. Since November 9 and the surprise announcement of his candidacy, the billionaire has still not spoken publicly about his project for the African Football Confederation. On the other hand, he is currently traveling West Africa to explain it directly to the presidents of federations who will vote on March 12, during the CAF elective assembly.

Under the watchful eye of FIFA

As for the fifth declared candidate, who is none other than the outgoing president of CAF, he remains on the sidelines. Ahmad, elected in March 2017 but fallen in November 2020, is still suspended for five years by the International Football Federation (FIFA) from all round ball activities. The Malagasy has decided to oppose this FIFA sanction before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). But, according to our information, he has still not received from FIFA the documents that would allow him to complete his appeal file with CAS. As a result, CAF declared him ineligible for a second mandate.

FIFA should, whatever happens, play a direct role in the election on March 12. CAF has just announced on January 10 that its Governance Committee “must submit to the FIFA Control Committee the candidatures received for the post of President of CAF”. A decision justified by the fact that the future boss of African football will automatically become vice-president of FIFA …




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