Patrick Texeira expects a war against Brian Castaño in the ring

It will be like a classic Brazil vs. Argentina, but with gloves and blows. Patrick Texieira understands the extra value of his fight against Brian Castaño, not only because he will defend his world belt at 154 pounds, but because the entire country will be watching his performance.

The Brazilian waited a long time for this opportunity and knows that a clash against an Argentine has a special element due to the historical rivalry between the two nations, although he goes far beyond the national element: he simply wants to be the best junior middleweight of these times.

Both will collide on February 13 on the DAZN screen and Texeira hopes that Castaño will be the seventh Argentine to defeat in his career. Since the tremendous fight between Acelino Freitas and Jorge Barrios in 2003, there has not been a clash for a world belt between two warriors from those South American nations.

Brazil vs Argentina, Pelé vs Maradona, Texeira vs Castaño, this fight will be one in which one should not close one eye …

After so much waiting, how are the expectations for the fight?

“The expectations are very high. We have been training hard in the United States for a long time. We have trained a lot the physical part, the technical part. We are really looking forward to that fight. ”

How do you see the fight against Castaño in your mind?

“I know it is a difficult, tough fight, but we are working on the strategy well and I think that on our part we are going to have a great fight. It’s going to be a contrast of skills and techniques rather than power. I think mine are superior to his. ”

How do you see the situation at 154 pounds?

“Charlo is a champion with three belts, I have mine from the WBO. To beat Brian Castaño I don’t see any problem in unifying the titles with Jermell Charlo. But first I must overcome this obstacle. ”

What changed after your loss to Curtis Steven?

“” They changed several things, especially style. I studied my mistakes. That defeat forced me to use technique more, to be a smarter boxer. Before I was looking for the fight for the fight. Before I wanted to impose more my size, my scope, but that setback showed me that I had to be smarter. ”

How do you see yourself within the boxing tradition of your country?

“I am happy to follow the line of champions like Eder Joffre, Popó Freitas. I want to be great like them and give Brazil a lot of glory, but I am a humble, calm person, from home, playing videos, but above all, training in the gym. ”

In what ways do you get into boxing and not football?

“My dad always talked about Bruce Lee movies. I wanted to practice something, judo, karate, but I found a boxing gym and I fell in love with this sport. I was passionate and stayed in that gym until today. ”

How did you get through the 2020 pandemic?

“It was complicated, especially mentally. I had visa issues and couldn’t travel for the fight. Many problems escaped my hands, but training was my refuge. I was running all the time and that kept me going until everything was solved thanks to the work of Golden Boy. This fight against Brian will be a war, I guarantee it. ”

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