Ninth defeat in the league for Trapani Basketball, folded 74 to 66 in Casale Monferrato

Another defeat, the second in a row, for Pallacanestro Trapani who at PalaFerraris fails to achieve the final comeback and loses the comparison with Novipiù Casale Monferrato with the final score of 74 to 66. A match in which the grenades had to chase after arguing often with long range shooting. The grenades in the second half tried to reach -3 but Redivo’s precision from the line gives Casale the victory. Among the singles emerge the performances of Renzi and Corbett, authors, respectively of 25 and 20 personal points. Trapani, third from bottom in the standings with only eight points to their credit, in the next match, will be engaged on the field of leaders Tortona.

The match report:

Partials: (19-10; 38-28; 59-53; 74-66).

Novipiù Casale Monferrato: Redivo 22 (4/8, 2/5), Tomasini 13 (4/7, 1/5), Valentini L. 11 (2/6, 1/2), Camara 10 (5/10), Martinoni 10 (4 / 6, 0/1), Thompson 5 (1/6, 1/4), Sirchia 3 (1/3 from three), Lomele (0/1 from three), Donzelli ne, Valentini F. ne, Giombini ne, Cappelletti ne.

Coach: Mattia Ferrari.

2B Control Drills: Renzi 25 (7/11, 3/9), Corbett 20 (3/7, 3/7), Miller 11 (5/12, 0/2), Palermo 9 (3/5, 0/5), Mollura 1 (0/3, 0/2), Tartamella, Erkmaa (0/1 of three), Milojevic (0/2), Basciano, Pianegonda ne.

Coach: Daniele Parente.

Referees: Tirozzi, Chersicla, Grazia.

Notes: Competition behind closed doors.

The chronicle of the race:

1st ROOM: Coach Parente ranks the quintet formed by Palermo, Corbett, Tartamella, Miller and Renzi. Ferrari responds with Tomasini, Valentini, Redivo, Thompson and Camara. Tomasini scores the first basket, while the grenades are released after three minutes with Renzi. After Camara’s basket, Miller imposes himself with a dunk, while Renzi supports the two points. Casale tries to stretch with the first minibreak signed by Valentini, Redivo and Thompson. Palermo unlocks the grenades, but Valentini scores a three-point game (6 ’13-8). Corbett makes the two free throws available, Tomasini and Martinoni with four points in a row closes the portion of the game 19-10.

2nd ROOM: Martinoni and Tomasini lead Parente to the time-out (11 ’23-10), who decides to move to zone 2-3. Trapani finds the way to the basket with Miller and Corbett after several minutes of play. Sirchia makes a bomb from the corner, Mollura makes one out of two from the line, while Renzi scores from below. Trapani returns to man, but Redivo and Tomasini are precise from long distance (15 ’32-17). Corbett and Palerrmo make one out of two to free, unlike Redivo who made them both. Corbett’s counterattack brings Ferrari to the suspension minute (17 ’34-21). Trapani makes a zonepress across the board and Palermo scores three points in a row. Martitoni interrupts the good moment grenade, Renzi and Corbett realize from the line, but Camara brings Casale back ahead in double figures (20’ 38-28).

3rd ROOM: Renzi scores six points in a row for the grenade, interspersed with the baskets of Camara and Tomasini. Valentini scores three free throws, but Corbett, after nine team errors from 6.75, makes the two triples that lead Trapani to minus 5 (24 ’45-40). Camara and Tomasini lengthen from the line, while Miller uses his athleticism to crush from a standing position. Tomasini’s triple is followed by the baskets from underneath by Miller and Camara, while Renzi throws the minus 7 bomb (28 ’54-47). Redivo scores five points in a row, to which Renzi responds again from long distance for two consecutive times. A quarter in which the grenade captain scored fifteen points and pushed the grenade to minus six (30’ 59-53).

4th ROOM: Redivo in penetration achieves four points in a row that bring Parente to the minute of suspension (32 ’63-53). Corbett shoots the triple of minus 7, Martinoni scores from below, while Palermo achieves a three-point game (36 ’65-59). Miller makes one out of two from the line, unlike Redivo who is surgical from the line of charity. Renzi and Miller push Trapani to minus 3 with ninety seconds left. Thompson’s triple and Redivo’s free, however, put an end to the grenade chase. The race then ends 74-66.

Giovanni Ingoglia




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