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Libor Podmol at Dakar: I’m glad I’m in one piece. The colleague was resuscitated and a helicopter flew for him

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“I heard that the factory teams want to go to the organizers to complain about a very dangerous and fast track,” says a native of Ostrava, who is forty-eight in the standings. No wonder. Another Czech representative at the legendary race, Martin Michek, also stated that “it is more of a sprint than an endurance race”.

Mainly that we are healthy

Podmol started the Dakar Marathon Day, encouraged after Tuesday’s successful performance, thanks to which he moved in front of the slower riders to the top fifty. And most importantly, he finally avoided the problems. “But I need to rest and gain some strength,” he wished before the next batch of miles.

And that there were on Wednesday. The stage measured a total of 813 km, of which 337 were measured. “I am glad to be at the finish line in one piece. Good result. Mainly that we are healthy. But we also saw one serious injury, when the riders were resuscitated by other competitors and a helicopter flew to the place. It was nothing pleasant, but then fortunately he woke up, “Podmol reported after the finish.

I talked to him recently

He spoke of the Indian motorcyclist CS Santosh, who had to withdraw from the competition after falling and is now recovering from a Riyadh hospital with a head injury. “I was just talking to him a few hours ago. It happened just before me. Maybe she’ll be fine. “

At his Dakar premiere, Podmol also involuntarily tasted the sand of the Rub al-Khali desert, but he managed the last two stages without difficulty. According to him, the race is incredible. “It’s a super crazy sport for nerds. We have a prologue and four stages and it is a real mess. I have to really relax again. Another eight is waiting for us. “

WHERE NOW: Martin Macik: We want to make the Dakar rough technically, physically and navigationally.

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