Inter market, sensational Count | 15 million and goodbye

The economic moment of world football does not spare Inter Milan either ready to change course. Conte’s future is also connected

Antonio Conte (Getty Images)

The pandemic from Coronavirus he brought the planet to its knees, without sparing the world of football. The Covid it has in fact inevitably changed the habits of the world of football, starting with the economic ones. In fact, the crisis regarding clubs around the world that will have to change course is inevitable. A change thatInter of Suning has already fully embraced with a new more restrictive economic policy also in the seat of transfer market, especially for this January. For all the other transfer market news and not just on the Nerazzurri CLICK HERE.

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Inter transfer market, 15 million from Madrid for Conte

Antonio Conte (Getty Images)

The new Inter is therefore based on austerity and this situation could also lead Antonio Conte to review his future. A farewell at the end of the year with clubs like Manchester United e Atletico Madrid on the hunt for new faces. In fact, at Atleti, Simeone also feared a farewell at the end of the season.

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The Italian sports director Berta sees in Conte the ideal substitute in terms of the charisma and character verve of the ‘Cholo’ and could offer 15 million compared to the 20 received by Simeone.


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