Gaming: we’re making OM’s season on Football Manager – Around OM

We meet on Twitch from 10:00 a.m. for the rest of our new show: We’re making OM’s season on Football Manager!

Romain Haering, Stéphane Brenguier and their guests are embarking on a new challenge, that of making OM’s current season on the new Football Manager opus (FM21). Come and participate with us, from the match to the development of the squad and the composition of the teams, to put OM back together on the front of the stage … or not!

Share your passion and your expertise with us and come and enjoy the season with us. For access the Phocéen Twitch channel, click here and create your account so that we can play with us. Also remember to subscribe to the channel in order to be able to interact with us and be informed of all our broadcasts.

On the menu this Friday 10:00 am: We’re making OM season on Football Manager! 8th episode.




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