VfB Stuttgart, Wamangituka: “Can we leave the church in the village?”

VfB Stuttgart Kritik an Silas Wamangituka

“We can leave the church in the village”

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Walk into the goal: Silas Wamangituka took a lot of time with the 2-0 win against Bremen

Source: pa / press photo Ru / Robin Rudel

Stuttgart striker Silas Wamangituka causes a stir because he takes a lot of time with his goal against Werder. The allegations of the Bremen come immediately. Now the VfB goes over to the counterattack.

SPort director Sven Mislintat from VfB Stuttgart has defended his criticized striker Silas Wamangituka. “I think it’s borderline what the boy is being accused of,” said the 48-year-old on Monday.

Wamangituka had given himself a lot of time before his second goal in the Swabians 2-1 (1-0) at Werder Bremen on Sunday before he shot the ball over the line. Bremen striker Davie Selke then complained on the pitch at Wamangituka and called the scene “disrespectful” afterwards. There was also plenty of criticism for Stuttgart’s match winners on social media.

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“I can completely understand that Bremen didn’t think that was great,” said Mislintat. But he also emphasized: “We can leave the church in the village for a while. He didn’t hold it up four times, or do an overhead kick on the line, or moonwalk, or whatever. Far too much is made of the number. ”

After the criticism from Werders Selke, the VfB sports director even went over to the counterattack: “I think Davies reaction on the field is okay. After the game, with a little distance and when the pulse has cooled down, in my opinion he can make slightly different statements. “

“He’s a shy boy”

Wamangituka herself has since apologized for the action via Instagram. “I have respect for my opponent at every stage of the game. With my second goal I wanted to buy time for my team in this important game, ”wrote the Congolese. “Under no circumstances did I want to provoke the Bremen goalkeeper and my opponent.”

Coach Pellegrino Matarazzo also took his normally quick attacker under protection: “If you know Silas, you know that he is a shy boy and not arrogant,” he said: “The first thing I felt was that he was on Time plays like when you go to the corner flag. “




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