Vélez has a “gender violence” protocol: the antecedent against a soccer player from the team

The Velez “Gender Violence” protocol

A news item completely shook the tranquility that reigned in Vélez, after securing his passage to the quarterfinals of the South American Cup (he will collide with the Catholic University of Chile). A 28-year-old girl denounced in the last hours that she was sexually abused in the middle of a party attended by several players from the Liniers club.

The event would have occurred last night in a house in the Camino Real country, located in the Buenos Aires town of San Isidro, as reported to Infobae. The young woman, in the complaint, stated that she was abused in one of the rooms of the house. After the 911 call, personnel from the local Patrol Command arrived at the private neighborhood and transferred the victim to the Women’s Police Station, where the complaint was filed (the investigation was in charge of the prosecutor Laura Zyseskind, head of the UFI of San Isidro, unit dedicated to crimes of gender violence).

In one of the first reports, It is reported that some Vélez players were at the meeting, including Ricardo Centurión (in 2017 he was reported by his ex-partner Melisa Tozzi, although the case was archived) and Juan Martín Lucero, who rented the house. Regarding the victims’ statements, it was learned that both Centurión and Lucero were separated from the incident, although they involved a subject with the surname Acuña.

It is worth noting that the Fort is a Pioneering club within Argentine soccer in creating an area of ​​Gender Violence and have a protocol. “Anyone who travels or is a human resource of the Club must adapt to these rules whose guiding principles are equity, prevention, respect, confidentiality and advice. The objectives for which it was designed are: to prevent, contain, raise awareness about this issue that concerns the whole of society, and promote actions with the intention of ending this scourge that claims victims on a daily basis, ”reported at the time from the group of Liniers.

At this time, from Vélez, through the lawyer Mariano Lizardo -he is the recording secretary-, they are learning about what happened in that house to know if they should activate the protocol, which could lead to the termination of a footballer’s contract. The first step. The first step, prior to this resolution, is the separation from the professional staff.

Miguel Brizuela was separated from the campus for three months due to a complaint (Vélez Sarsfield Press)

The most recent antecedent is that of Miguel Brizuela, a member of the Fortín professional team. In the middle of June this year He was denounced for exercising “gender violence” against his partner. He was accused of “having exercised physical violence”, in addition to “verbal and psychological abuse” towards Melina Neto.

“At dawn on 6/13, Miguel Brizuela, current Vélez Sarsfield player, physically attacked my daughter Melina Neto, leaving visible damage to her face, adding to her verbal and psychological abuse for months. There had already been mistreatment prior to this event. This scourge goes around like nothing, going around the neighborhood, believing itself unpunished and defying everyone because it believes it is untouchable. We want this to be made public so that the type of person he is is really known”Said the mother of the victim on social networks. And he added: “We want the whole world to know that behind his supposed charitable soul that makes popular pots to help those who have less, hides a puncher and little man, a violent macho. Today we are going to go to the last moments so that this inhuman being never hits another girl again. We make it clear that Melina is not alone and that she will not be. We are all with her, family, friends, neighbors … We are many and we will be more ”.

The publications of the mother of the victim who denounced Miguel Brizuela

The publications of the mother of the victim who denounced Miguel Brizuela

The 23-year-old center marker was separated from the roster for three months; However, later the case was shelved and the athlete returned to training with his teammates and played 7 games (two for the South American Cup).


A woman denounced that she was abused at a party in which there were Vélez Sarsfield players

A Vélez player was denounced for gender violence and the club decided to separate him


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